hfmbannerHealthcare is in a seismic transition period, changing from a volume-based to a value-based system of care.  In order to create more value and secure their network’s future viability, Holy Family Memorial health network (Manitowoc, WI) knew significant changes to its culture were necessary.

Recognizing they needed to become more innovative and achievement-oriented meant a strong and deliberate organization-wide focus. As leaders of this effort, Mary Maurer and Laura Fielding were responsible for both shaping and hardwiring a culture of innovation and growth. In this interactive webinar discussion, they will share:

  • How and why HFM began its deliberate journey toward a culture of inspired caring and innovation.
  • Specific culture shaping tactics for leaders, employees, and physicians.
  • How they hardwired the “HFM way” (innovation) into the HFM culture.
  • HFM’s journey results achieved.

This is an excellent opportunity for innovation leaders and teams to attend together, ask questions, and gain insight to help create a new, sustainable innovation culture in their own organizations.


Session Leaders

Mary C. MauerMary C. Maurer
Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Innovation Officer
Holy Family Memorial

Mary Maurer has extensive health care leadership experience of more than 30 years and currently serves in a senior leader capacity as Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Innovation Officer at Holy Family Memorial health network in Manitowoc, WI. In her current role, she is responsible for shaping and hardwiring a culture of Improvement and Innovation as well as driving growth through business development and key community relationships.  Maurer is accountable for other areas including marketing, community relations, philanthropy, mission, legislative affairs, compliance, retail pharmacy and home medical operations. Mary has a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication.  She is a fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives and has presented to audiences at Wisconsin Health Association, Health Trust University, Rural Health Care Association, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, CoDev International Conference and others. 


Laura FieldingLaura Fielding
Vice President of Organizational Engagement/Chief Administrative Office
Holy Family Memorial

Laura Fielding, Vice President of Organizational Engagement/Chief Administrative Office, has been in a professional and/or leadership position for 25 years.  She is responsible for all functions of HR, Operational Innovation, Education, Employee Health and Support Services including Plant Operations, Security, Bio Medical, Environmental Services, Communications and Laundry.  She has extensive health care human resources, leadership and employee development and culture shaping experience.

Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Behavior from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI.  She is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives and has participated in numerous thought leadership acitivites at local, state and national events including the National Center for Health Care Leaders, the American College of Health Care Executives, Beryl Institute and American Hospital Association.

 Session Moderator

Cheryl Perkins
CEO and Founder
Innovationedge, LLC

Cheryl Perkins, CEO and Founder of Innovationedge, LLC and former Senior VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Kimberly-Clark, is a global thought leader in strategy and innovation as well as a creative catalyst in brand-building initiatives that contribute to rewarding end-user experiences and improved business performance. She has been named a “Top 25 Champions of Innovation” by Business Week and has been recognized as a “top executive driving vision” by Consumer Goods Technology and received an “Excellence in Innovation Award” from the Asia Pacific Congress. In addition, Perkins is a passionate keynote speaker who has inspired audiences all over the world sharing her insights with C-level executives and innovation leaders about discovering design tools to deliver innovation solutions for sustainable growth.