Key Benefits & Deliverables - Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit

3 Key Deliverables

By participating, you will receive:

  1. Strategies, capabilities and tactics to boost top line growth, market leadership, agility and speed.
  2. Decision making insights about mega trends and future directions as well as under-the-radar opportunities.
  3. New peer network, business contacts, potential partners – meet the right people in a focused, non-commercial and collegial setting

What You Will Learn

Specifically you will come away knowing:

  1. What futurists are defining as the mega trends that will impact your business today and tomorrow
  2. How to determine if the problem(s) you are focused on are worth solving and will make a meaningful difference
  3. Key questions you must ask to determine where you have the ‘right to win’ versus just the ‘right to play.’
  4. How to define brand sufficiency and capability needs to deliver on growth.
  5. What role partnerships and acquisitions play in defining your right to win in new spaces.
  6. How to move faster into new markets while the opportunity window is open; getting to customers first. 
  7. How internet buying and home delivery are changing the game, what steps you should take to advance your technology capabilities and ecosystem.
  8. How to optimize your products’ distribution and shelf space position – develop stronger partner relationships; create products customers will clamor for.
  9. How to work best with big players such as Walmart, Costco, Amazon/Whole Foods, etc. as well as niche and local retailers. How to leverage a common platform with both.
  10. How to effectively compete against private label brandsdifferentiate on more than price, offer unique value.
  11. What global market and economic shifts lie ahead? How to anticipate and not be blindsided by unforeseen competition, regulation, labor/supplier issues, or tax law changes. How to capitalize on emerging pockets of opportunity and economic growth.
  12. How to integrate acquisitions of start-ups; how do you blend organizational cultures? How much autonomy do you allow? Preserving the unique qualities that retain customer loyalty.
  13. How to assess new opportunities in less regulated markets (pet food, supplements, food with pharma/nutraceutical/health benefits, etc.) – what is your likelihood of success?
  14. How to simultaneously take new risks while growing the core – allocating resources, experimenting at lower cost, using launchpads, working with partners, and validating as you go.
  15. How to encourage both upper management and your team to take more – and bigger – chances.

Special Features

  • Focus on case studies, hands-on sessions, Q&A, and group discussion
  • Kickoff keynote, reception and networking on the first evening – learn about new innovations you might want to bring into your company, network with peers over drinks and appetizers.
  • Luncheon roundtables to discuss hot topics, share ideas and solve problems.
  • ‘What’s said in the room stays in the room.’ Confidentiality assured.
  • Strictly limited attendance, 90% industry practitioners.
  • Retreat-like, non-commercial setting conducive to strategizing.
  • Agenda compressed to minimize out-of-office time.
  • Meet other leaders like yourself; benchmark and solve problems in real time.
  • Come away with a clear picture of what to do upon return to your organization.
  • Receive follow-up and ongoing collaboration.